Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm, I'm sky high

This week has been awesome! We both, and Jonni, got a food poisoning Saturday. We don't know exactly where we got it, but we're guessing the food we bought from Khao San Road. I was sick and today is the first day I feel even remotely alive. So nothing to report basically. We're going today to Jonni's place to do some standard Bangkok Friday stuff. Next week we have our midterm exams. 4 exams total. So after today I must start to study in order to pass the exams with good grades, yuck. All in all, since I have nothing to post, let's skip to the songs of today.

First I'd like to start with Guns N Roses, Nightrain played at 2008 Gibson's Summer Jam. Vocals are by McQueen and guitar is played, by who else than, Slash. Quality is shit, but I dare you, have you ever seen a better second solo in Nightrain? Since I haven't and Tommy can agree with me in this one.

Next song is by Passenger, a side project of the In Flames singer Anders Friden. The name of the song is In Reverse. Not the best song by Passenger, but only one there's a music video... And who cares, who could resist his voice?

If you're stuck for some reason. Can't get up? Then just lay down, play this song and close your eyes.

Last but not absolutely least I shall bring Oasis, All Around The World. This song needs no introduction.



Saturday, December 13, 2008

Evening post

2nd post for today, I'm making history. We're leaving soonish, most likely heading to Jonni's place, but first to some shop where we buy 1L whiskey. Since Jonni is having hangover and not very enthusiastic to do anything, so we'll bring party to him. Poker's going good and strong still, upswing continues, ship it! It seems that in every single big pot my cards hold, and I only get outdrawed in smaller pots with short stackers.

But to the reason why I'm posting. First amazing acoustic Jimi Hendrix, Purple Haze cover. Really, amazing !

Then almost even more impressive duo improvisation from the same guy.

Then I wanted to add something totally different also. So what could be more different than the best rap song in the world? Looptroop, Last Song! Enjoy!


Sunny Saturday

Long time since last post. Mostly because we've been traveling and busy. We spent 6 days at Koh Samui. Most of the time there we spent riding our rented scooters around the place. It was really amazing. Song for driving.

We saw some wild elephants in the countryside and some amazing views at the high peaks of the island. Surprisingly we didn't drink there that much, because we found doing other stuff more fun. I really don't want to write too long story about this place, because I've done that already so many times. Be free to inquire pictures, should you want. I've resized some, so it's easy to send them.

This Monday we have Law&Society presentation, which went pretty well. I'm surprised if we don't get an A. Then Tuesday we went outside to drink with this Finnish guy, Jonni. He lives in Bangkok, so not an exchange student. Most likely we're doing the same today.

Friday we decided to buy scooters for Bangkok also. We are going to pick our scooters on Monday, so I guess that will be a good day to die. Yesterday I went to bed early and woke up fresh today. I took a long poker session at morning, then after Tommy woke up, we went to gym and ate some lunch. I'm having one of the most craziest upswing weeks in poker, good time, since I've been in an insane spending spree.

In the end I'll put some songs I've listened this morning while taking poker session. First will be GnR, Sweet Child O'Mine. A good song for the special one.

Second and third will be songs from Hellacopters, By The Grace Of God & Everything's On TV.

Last Rock song, I will put GnR Paradise City.

Finally I will put two songs from a band called Explosions In The Sky. Quite interesting instrumental easy going band.

Now I'm sitting in my room and planning to take a poker session before doing something else.

Take care!


Friday, November 28, 2008

Purchasing Power

Yes it's true. No posts for a long time. Basically because we haven't done anything or been anywhere. Ilkka said it all. The last few days we have been planning to make a trip to Ko Samui, an island in southern Thailand. Next week the trip is going to happen.

The last few days I have been spending way too much money, actually something like 1100€. It is alot to spend in two days here in Thailand. What have I gotten with the money then? First of all, I have paid for the trip to Samui, and also paid for the Hotel reservation today. The trip is going to be just awesome I tell you!

All the time here in Thailand I have been waiting to play a guitar again, well, today I bought one actually. It was cheap, something like 50€. The guitar is a good sounding guitar for that price. Guitars almost the same cost like 150€ in Finland.

I just played something to warm up again, since it's been a month since I've played, and over a year since I played acoustic guitar. Here is a video of the guitar and some playing of mine, I came up with the solos when playing, so they are made up on the go and therefore called one take solos and so forth.

So it sounded good, it really did imho.

The biggest purchase of mine was a new electric guitar, surprise surprise. I can't actually enjoy it here in Thailand since it is going straight to Finland. I bought it through ebay deutschland. It was my first ebay purchase and it cost alot. 90% of the amount I've spent these two days. The guitar is amazing.

Here is 2 videos of the guitar in action:

First one is actually an introduction

Second one is the guitar in action

Today is Oillies' birhtday and a party apparently upstairs. Oillie is the daughter of the owner of our apartment building. We ( Me and Ilkka) might drop by at the party and make a big mess out of the place.

A small quote for the evening or the party:

Have you heard the news?
Bad things come in twos
Every single day
things get in my way
someone has to pay
Armageddon may
Arrive any day

Not dead, yet

So week has passed without any posts. Why? Nothing to post. We haven't done anything. Saturday we went out and had a blast, then hangover. Then week went with food poisoning and happy stuff like that. Because of that, I've played insane amounts of poker, more than 10.000 hands this week alone. Too bad the games haven't been going too well, but still winning luckily. I've had one of the most insane shitty runs of poker I've had so far this week, and that has caused me to play bad also. But luckily yesterday things started to change, and now it's going good again. I also managed to get my wallet stolen, luckily I only had something like 100€ there and no important cards, so no biggie.

Today we went to this big new mall. I heard that they fixed it with 500 million $ like 1 year ago. The mall was fucking insane, and I mean, Insane! There was 4 storey high waterfalls and big water fountains with live parrots. There was stores for every single need a human might ever imagine. But bare with me, the most amazing thing is yet to come. They had a water park, yes a water park, on the roof of the mall. It was like really huge, most likely bigger than any park in Finland. So I guess Stockmann could learn something from these guys.

Now I am sitting home and thinking should I do something today. Tommy bought a guitar from the mall. I think I will also refresh my ambition for playing guitar now. I started to practice Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze, for now I at least got the beginning somewhat handled! Swedish girls are having party upstairs tonight, so guess we might ruin their party by going there. At least we bought some beer, just in case...

Purple Haze

We're going to Koh Samui Tuesday. It's an island like 700km south of Bangkok. It's the kind of island everyone has seen photos of when they have googled "paradise" in google picture search. And no, I'm not exaggerating, try it yourself and see. We're leaving Sunday, so pretty short holiday. We rented a hotel next to the Chaweng beach. It's something like 7km long pure sand beach. At the moment we're planning to take a full day fishing trip and rent scooters to drive around the island, other plans are totally open. At least a lot of swimming, diving and doing absolutely nothing.

To Friday songs. Crash Test Dummies - In The Days Of The Caveman. Funny song, lyrics doesn't make any sense.

Then something more slower when the evening gets darker, should the listener not be totally intoxicated. Manic Street Preachers - I Live To Fall Asleep. Nice piece.

Now I'll start drinking my beer and take a small poker session. Most of the time beer+poker doesn't end up that good. Can't drink too much, because Gym + Tennis tomorrow.

Someone could motivate me to write some funny facts and small pieces of information post.

Oh, what the hell. Let's put one more. In Flames - Metaphor. Maybe the most peaceful In Flames song, many people who normally don't dig In Flames have liked this.

Peace out!


Friday, November 21, 2008

Chinese Democracy

Today is the first day I'm listening to the new Guns n Roses album. Gotta say that I really enjoy it. Tho I already had heard many of the songs before. Biggest question is; why the song called The Blues is now The Street Of Dreams? The Street Of Faggotry if you ask me, which you won't, obviously. The name was perfect previously :C

There has been some kind of a bombing at Bangkok few days ago. One died, several wounded. I heard that most likely there's gonna be more next week, fun. Of course we are going out tomorrow. Most likely with this another Finnish guy, who lives here in Bangkok permanently.

Nothing special has happened. Life has been good, Poker has been good, school has been good, everything has been good. I'm off to downstairs to buy few beers. Relaxing evening at home = win!

Take care!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No topic

I'll just leave these here.

...And no, taste of music is not a topic of discussion. Mine is better than yours.