Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fresh Start

Just dropped by to tell a few things about the life in Bangkok. Life has been good, so far, all in all. We have done tons of things, which I am not going to write about now. We have been trying to get hold a of Internet-connection to our apartment, quite some time now, but we've been unsuccessful. Today we went to the school and asked about it again, this time we were going to get it, but the guy handling these things, was having lunch. So we went to the closest Internet Café once again, this time we browsed the net and found a really good apartment, not so far from the school either, and got interested straight away.

We took a taxi to the place, and we were greeted with such warm feeling, that everything felt really good. The young woman who introduced the premises to us, was talking the best english of all the Thai people here so far. Okay, she had studied something in San Fransisco USA, so that explains the good language skills. The apartments was amazing, it was just like coming to heaven after our, maybe horrendous, first apartment in Bangkok. Immediately when I saw the apartments, I felt like the place is our home, I just couldn't go back to our old place anymore.

We started negotiating about renting an apartment at this place. We wanted to move in straight away, which took the employees, a bit, by surprise. Well we got the apartment we wanted and basically went to the old place and told them to piss of, we move to a luxury resort, at least that is what this feels like, compared to the old place of course.

The new place is called Sivalai Place, I don't want to try and market the place in anyway, but for what it's worth, this is the best option for the money, especially because it is newly renowated and stuff. Just amazing. Ilkka posted some nice pictures of our apartment, but check this link out, amazing pictures from the resident:
Sivalai Place

Right at the moment I'm just taking it easy and relaxing, having some thai whisky which I bought for about 5€, and also just browsing the net.

I'm off.


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